Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Manga 1
Author Shiro Amano
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Run October 10, 2006 - February 13, 2007
Volumes 2
Story Arc Dark Seeker Saga
Previous Series Kingdom Hearts
Next Series Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second series in Shiro Amano's manga adaptation of the popular video game. It was originally published by TOKYOPOP and republished in one volume by Yen Press.

Plot Edit

Cards Edit

  1. Castle Oblivion
  2. Bellyful Stew
  3. Organization XIII
  4. Scent of Darkness
  5. Ambivalence
  6. Wish
  7. Memories
  8. Promise
  9. Goodbye, Vexen
  10. Separated Hearts
  11. SHOCK!!!
  12. Where the Heart Leads
  13. The Road at Dawn

Worlds and characters Edit

Reception Edit

Notes and references Edit

Navigational Edit

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