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Kingdom Hearts



Japan release date

October 25, 2003

English release date
  • October 11, 2005 (Tokyopop)
  • May 28, 2013 (Yen Press)
  • Tokyopop
  • Yen Press
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"Keyhole" is the thirteenth chapter of Kingdom Hearts. It was first collected in Kingdom Hearts Volume 1 by Tokyopop and republished in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Volume 1 by Yen Press.

Synopsis Edit

Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy continue their battle against the Trickmaster. Sora attempts to use blizzard, but the Heartless easily dodges his attacks and stomps on the ground, scattering the trio. Donald cures Sora and advises him to concentrate in his mind and imagine the enemy freezing. The Keyblade glows and Sora raises it into the air, completely freezing the Trickmaster. The Heartless shatters, releasing it captive heart and stunning the Cheshire Cat. Donald and Goofy hug Sora and congratulate him on his victory.

Due to the racket, the Doorknob wakes up and condescendingly asks how is he supposed to sleep. Donald yells at the Doorknob, but it interrupts by yawning, revealing a Keyhole inside it. Sora's Keyblade acts on its own and shoots a beam of light at the Keyhole, locking it and confusing the trio. The Doorknob requests that the trio let him sleep in peace. An object plops out of the Keyhole and is picked up by Goofy, who identifies it as a gummi block. Donald confirms it, but adds on that he's never seen that particular type of gummi block before. Sora questions Donald on the functions of a gummi block and he explains that they're used as components on their gummi ship. The Cheshire Cat reappears and congratulates Sora on his victory. He claims that Sora's power has grown and can't wait to see what he'll do next. Sora questions the Cheshire Cat's identity, but the cat ignores the question and informs them that Alice has been taken from Wonderland with the shadows into Darkness.

At an unknown location, the shadowed villains are discussing the Cheshire Cat's actions and how they should of disposed of him when he turned down their offer. One with a snake staff calls Sora a problem as he's found one of the Keyholes and suggests taking immediate action to handle the situation. Maleficent reassures him that there is no need to rush as it would take him a long time to find the rest. She adds on that the pieces are falling in place to their favor, revealing a frightened and confused Alice.

Characters Edit

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Entelechies Heartless

Trivia Edit

  • Chip and Dale appear on the chapter cover, but not within the chapter itself.
  • This chapter marks the only time Sora uses magic to defeat an enemy.
  • In the manga continuity, the Cheshire Cat declined a position in Maleficent's troupe of enemies.