Final Mix Juice
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Volume 1
Chapter 4
Series Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Release Date January 10, 2006
Previous Chapter A Day in the Life of Cid
Next Chapter Mr. Fancy


In Traverse Town, Aerith asks Leon if he is once again thirsty. The swordsman, scared that Aerith will give him more lemonade, states he doesn't want any more of her lemonade. Aerith states she knows and tells him she brought him a soda. Leon, excited, agrees with the beverage and takes the cup. However, he is confused to see a white liquid surrounding the soda and pouring out of the cup. Aerith asks if Leon knew that soda tasted better with milk. Leon, shocked and disgusted, protests that it does not in his mind. [1]


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Traverse Town


  • This comic strip is the sequel to Café du Aerith.

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