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Disney Castle is the home world of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto alongside other classic Disney characters created by Walt Disney. It is based off the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. Following King Mickey's plight, it was left in the care of Queen Minnie. The castle was briefly invaded by Maleficent and Pete, but was saved by Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

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Donald and Goofy's departure Edit

After discovering that King Mickey had gone missing, Court Wizard Donald Duck ran to the Courtyard and found Captain of the Royal Knights Goofy asleep at his post. He cast a fire spell at the captain and attempted to shake him awake. Donald yelled at Goofy to not make a commotion, but his shouting attracted the attention of Lady Daisy Duck and Queen Minnie Mouse. At the Library, Donald explained that he had found Pluto holding a letter in his mouth from the King and handed it over to Minnie. The queen read the letter which explained that the King had left to discover the reasoning behind the disappearance of stars and instructed Donald and Goofy to find someone with a Key and to stick with him. He suggested that the duo head to Traverse Town and find a man called Leon who would point them in the right direction. Daisy noted that Traverse Town was another world and Minnie wondered out loud on the meaning behind the King's letter.[1]

Sometime later, at the Gummi Hanger, Minnie warned Donald and Goofy to be careful on their voyage. Jiminy Cricket assured the queen not to worry as he'll be tagging along as well. Donald and Goofy bid farewell to Minnie and Daisy and, along with Jiminy and Pluto, disembarked from the world on a Gummi Ship.[2]

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  • Disney Castle is the only world inhabited by Disney characters to not be based off a Disney feature.


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