Home World Underworld
Other Residences Olympus Coliseum
Series Kingdom Hearts
Role Supporting Antagonist
Origin Hercules
Allies Hades
Enemies Hercules, Sora, Cloud, Auron, Donald Duck, Goofy
First Appearance "Olympus Coliseum"
Last Appearance "Let the Games Begin! The Hades Cup"

Cerberus is the guardian of the Underworld who is sometimes called by Hades to enact his evil schemes.

History Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

After Hades and Cloud finished conversing, Hades declared Cloud a stiff, but praised the fact that a sucker like him had fallen into his hands when Cerberus's eyes appeared behind him.[1] The guardian was sent by Hades after Cloud hesitated in killing Sora. He roared and proceeded to attack until Hercules punched him. Angered, Cerberus resumed his attack, but Hercules grabbed one of his heads and ordered Phil to take Sora, Donald, and Goofy and flee. The trio of heroes later returned to relieve Hercules and proceeded to attack Cerberus.[2] Sora leaped into the air and struck Cerberus, knocking him down with a single blow, confusing him, Donald, and Goofy. Hercules later admitted to have already worn down Cerberus by the time Sora and friends jumped in.[3]

Appearances Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

Kingdom Hearts II Edit

References Edit

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