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"Cast Ashore"

Kingdom Hearts



Japan release date

October 25, 2003

English release date
  • October 11, 2005 (Tokyopop)
  • May 28, 2013 (Yen Press)
  • Tokyopop
  • Yen Press
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"A Giant Shadow"


"Traverse Town"

"Cast Ashore" is the fifth chapter of Kingdom Hearts. It was first published in Kingdom Hearts Volume 1 by Tokyopop and republished in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Volume 1 by Yen Press.

Synopsis Edit

After Sora defeats Darkside, he brags about his victory and offers to give the giant Heartless another strike. However, before he can do so, the island begins to rumble and splits in half. The Darkside and chunks of the island are thrown into the Darkness. Sora grabs a branch and struggles to hold on, but loses his grip and follows the Darkside into Darkness, screaming.

Meanwhile, after arriving in Traverse Town, Goofy spots a blinking star and tells Donald Duck that a star is going out. The two watch as the star goes out. Donald suggests that they find the human with the key as fast as they can and hurry off. Pluto notices something and leaves the duo, causing Donald to ask about his whereabouts. He follows his nose to a side alley and sniffs the ground, stopping upon finding Sora, passed out and propped against a wall. Pluto wakes up Sora by licking his cheek, much to his disgust. He notices his surroundings for the first time and asks about his location. Sora recounts that he was sucked in with the giant, and asks where the place is. He questions Pluto, but the dog runs off. Behind him, a mysterious figure is watching Sora behind a corner and notes that the holder of the key has finally arrived.

Characters Edit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Entelechies Heartless
Destiny Islands
Traverse Town

Trivia Edit

  • Kairi appears on the front cover, but not in the chapter itself.
  • Leon is shown to be watching Sora immediately after he arrives in Traverse Town. In the game, Leon is not shown until after Sora's visits Cid.