"Beyond the Door - Secret Place"

Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Volume 1

English release date

May 28, 2013


Yen Press

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"The Genie of the Lamp"

"Beyond the Door - Secret Place" is a special chapter of Kingdom Hearts. It is collected in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Volume 1 by Yen Press.

Synopsis Edit

A young Sora leads Riku to a cave hidden behind a row of bushes. When Riku tries to enter, Sora tells him to be cautious as a monster may be lurking within. Riku taunts Sora about being afraid and the two enter. Sora tells Riku to watch his step as its dark but accidentally hits his head. The two come to a clearing when a howl pierces the silence but Riku determines it as the wind before spotting a door. Sora tells Riku that the spot should become their secret hideout and Riku, distracted, agrees as the Keyhole appears. He promises himself he will leave the world and see beyond the door.

Riku's memory ends as he sits on a floating rock in Hollow Bastion when he scolds himself for not sharing a papou fruit with Kairi. Maleficent finds him and tells him to come to her castle where they will discuss why Riku has arrived.

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Destiny Islands
Hollow Bastion

Trivia Edit

  • While placed between "Agrabah" and "The Genie of the Lamp," this chapter is chronologically set between "Plot" and "Blast Off!".